Why Your Great Innovation Might Be Worthless


Technology entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors and developers who want to make a real success of their hard work have got to execute professional PR programs, specifically designed to transform technological invention into business innovation.

Transforming inventions into innovations is how money is made , and those transformations are the responsibility of your marketing team and your PR agency partners. And that’s why for truly great technology companies, public relations never comes as an afterthought.

Without great PR, every great innovation is worth less, and maybe even worthless.

Let’s do the math: Invention + Market Awareness = Innovation

  • Inventions are “new concepts or products that come from ideas or from scientific research.”
  • Innovation, on the other hand, is the commercialization of inventions.

Even a truly great invention (intellectual property) may have little or no economic value without PR. And that PR has to be strategically conceived and tactically executed with just as much effort, intelligence and investment as was required by the R&D that made the invention itself.

Innovation management is not only about creating a technology for the market, but also about creating a market for the technology .

Your PR agency needs to be bold and truly knowledgeable about your technology and how it affects, and how it is affected by the overall market ecosystem. Without a full understanding of the technology, it’s pretty much impossible to communicate the technology’s value to the marketplace.

Remember, no matter what your product is, you are ultimately in the education business. The world needs to be constantly and clearly educated about how you will improve their lives with your technology. And that is what good, credible public relations is all about. Education. Engineering perception. Engineering changes in market behavior.

PR, when done right, is a well-defined and proven process by which your company shapes the perception of value for its potential customers through industry analysts and a wide range of media. Your PR has to be a full program that is credible and that is sustained over time (PR does not stand for “press release!”).

Your PR has to be strategically managed and executed in order to create the market awareness you need to turn technology into money.

Find a PR agency partner that:

  • Understands your technology
  • Has the right connections to influence the influencers in your market
  • Has the experience, discipline and knowledge to make your PR investment pay off
  • Demonstrates sustained success for a wide range of technologies and markets over a long period of time
  • Has client relationships measured in years, not months
  • Can speak credibly on your behalf to the marketplace

If your company makes finding the right technology PR firm a priority, you will find that you are already positioned way ahead of your competition.

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