What is Social Innovation?


Innovation plays a main role in any business development. This is to set sustained progress and above all competitiveness. Innovation allows a better and more competitive environment above all. This mainly influences improvement of many processes and a better quality control of every structure of a company.

There are different types of innovations,depending on their specific targets innovations are characterized in:

-Product innovation,

-Process Innovation,

-Social Innovation

The preferences level given to the first 2, belong to a more technical rank. The last one belongs to the social range, say, people within any innovation process. We consider this the most important because without motivated people, identified with the company mission, vision, values, etc, profits can not be achieved in a sustained basis.

If we want to innovate in a small, medium-sized or big company, we would certainly have to develop a good innovation model, more specifically by placing innovation as a main strategic activity of the company.

Social innovation is the main key driver that successfully lead companies to globalization. By having this in mind we can successfully manage in the midst of an uncertain world, because an efficient strategic management means to know how to manage changes in an uncertain world in a constant way, that means to take two main paths, one is:

-Wise usage of resources, strategically talking of course,

-Ensure resources recovery,

-Resignation of resources taking into account this time, risks, value creation, etc, this 3 main levels will lead to a economic efficiency and it will contribute to value creation, second path is:

-To manage people behaviour (human resource management),

-To assure change culture,

-Speed and flexibility,

-Entrepreneurship abilities,

-Integration and cohesion,

-Motivation through a cultural change.

Social innovation allows the company to create creativity zones among the member of a company and it enables it to ignite a continuous improvement attitude inside, just like a virus, by having a solid social innovation strategy this will allow employees to stay away from the comfort zone and will prevent the company from dangerous routines.

Meetings are always necessary to inject that innovation virus to all members of the company especially the managerial staff which will have to do same things to others.

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