What Is Poverty Consciousness?


This whole new age of hype talk, fancy affirmations (they do have a place but need a special time and methodology) and “follow your dream and wealth will follow” is grist for the peddlers of snake oil. Usually if someone succeeds and is reminded how great s/he is they start telling everyone how to achieve the same incredible status and abundance they have.

The West, by and large has destroyed poverty as regards the material question, although in all so-called civilised Countries real poverty still does exist in various pockets. One of the problems that go with this “advancement in technology,” is that although they have destroyed poverty and much disease, they have made wo/man’s life longer.

We have all the health tablets and health aids that require people to spend their money and we are more body conscious due to all the magazines that say it is possible to be beautiful, healthy and wealthy until we die.

The thing is that the wo/man for whom all these comforts, technology and material advancements have been developed is missing; missing in the sense that technology forgot for whom it was done.

We have forgotten our inferiority and our insides are hollow and we feel disappointed in life at a certain stage, we feel betrayed by the system and often by those who were once close to us. All the trappings are there and everything is provided but at the centre of most individuals there is lacking an integrated consciousness and their authentic reality is a far away echo.

Recently, we have had an example in India where their health standards now threaten the Commonwealth Games. To me this is no surprise at all as the East has produced great men and women but India is still living in the past in a sense because its geniuses were devoted to meditation.

Their meditation produced giants of men, like Ramakrishna, Meher Baba, Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi to name a few but they did not use their silence for any scientific endeavors. If they had India would have been richer outside and inside. Of course they were so fulfilled that they were not interested at all in the outside world as a rule.

Conversely, the West produced people such as Einstein and his genius produced incredible scientific discoveries but because his discoveries led to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, at the end of his life he said that if there was such a thing as another life he would rather be a plumber. He could have been a Mystic if his energy were also directed inside.

Now if such men and women, who contributed so greatly to humanity and scientific progress were to have discovered their inner treasure and their authentic being, the world would be rich both materially and spiritually.

In fact as we are, the world is and the world is lopsided because we are lopsided. Krishnamurti said in one of his well known lectures, “We Are The World.”

If we humans learn that to be rich begins only from inside us, then we will have a life, both rich and fulfilling, rather than one where people only seem to realise this truth for themselves after years on the treadmill, failing health, broken relationships or losing their money.

To have poverty consciousness is to be empty inside and to have wealth consciousness or richness is to know your inner treasure. Material wealth may or may not go with a rich consciousness, but misery will certainly go hand in hand with poverty consciousness, whether that person is materially rich or poor.


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