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Do you have a close friend or a member of your family staying in Romania? Are you keen to know how to make cheap calls to that place? Then let us share some vital information with you.

In the past, international call was an expensive affair which made it difficult for people to hear the words of their loved ones for weeks and months. To be freed from call charges, people went back to telegrams and airmails. No longer can these sources of contact leave a person confident about their loved one being safe in that place. Undoubtedly the sound of voice offers much relief to people who are immediately updated about the wellbeing and status of a family member who may be staying at a distant location.

With the advancement of satellite and wireless technologies, communication has for sure become much easier. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the latest buzz in the world of technology. This is in fact just another method of keeping in touch with your near and dear ones. Mobiles too have become increasingly common. Even a decade back mobile phones were a luxury item owned only by rich people. The concept of VOIP was unheard of. However times have changed for sure. One can now easily make calls to any country and at a much cheaper rate. Romania is not an exception!

Since VOIP and mobile phones are technologies that are available to anyone readily, land line suppliers have had to make adjustments to their services, rates and availability to be in the competition and draw new customers. Land line rates have been adjusted and anyone now can have the package of distance calling package included in the monthly bill.

Land line distance suppliers, along with these changes created many other ways to let their customers use their services of long distance. This is a step taken by them just to retain in the business. The prepaid calling cards have compelled many of the providers to reevaluate their rates and programs. The providers have also started to offer new methods to guarantee more efficient service. Most of the providers nowdays offer prepaid cards to people at very cheap rates.

The technology of VOIP is the largest factor that has affected setting up of the new competitive call rates both for mobile and land line services. VOIP competes directly with land line services and offers its subscribers facilities to make cheap calls to Romania and all the countries around the globe. VOIP does not even charge their subscribers for long distance fees. Traditional technology is not used with voice over internet protocol. This is the reason why the long distance fees are not absolutely essential. VOIP functions with the help of modems and internet connection and is almost similar to the process of instant messaging.

This there is the best solution to anyone who wants to make long distance calls to any country including Romania. Try out VOIP or select the right mobile calls service plan. Make sure you select right as this will ensure that you remain in touch with your loved ones at a minimum price.

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