UPS Maximum Size and Weight Limits


Just as with any carrier, UPS has maximum size and weight restrictions for shipping.

The first issue is maximum weight. UPS accepts packages up to 150 pounds each. Anything over 70 pounds requires that you have a special Heavy sticker (barcoded) to indicate to the driver that the package is heavy. You should also have the heavy package tape as an additional warning to the handlers that the package is heavy. Add this tape around two sides of the box, both vertically and horizontally so it covers every side with at least one strip visible. Keep in mind that the maximum weight that the Post Office can handle is 70 pounds.

The second concern is the maximum length of one side. The maximum length (i.e., the longest side) that a package can be is 108″.

The last issue is the maximum length + girth. The girth is calculated as the width times 2 plus the height times 2. The maximum length + girth for a UPS package is 165″, whereas the Post Office can only handle 108″. Some examples of the calculation follow:

1. 24″x24″x12″ = 24 + (24×2) + (12×2) = 24 + 48 + 24 = 96″; this MAY be shipped via UPS or Post Office

2. 102″x10″x3″ = 102 + 20 + 6 = 128″; this MAY be shipped via UPS but NOT the Post Office

3. 40″x40″x40″ = 40 + 80 + 80 = 200″; this MAY NOT be shipped via any common carrier; you would need a freight quote from your local The UPS Store to ship this item.

So, if you have any questions about the maximum size and weight limits for a particular carrier, contact your local The UPS Store to determine the best way to ship your item(s). For anything that cannot be shipped via UPS, The UPS Store will get you a quote from UPS Freight… so there are no limitations to what can be shipped!

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