Training and Development – The Key to Employee Motivation and Retention


Human resource is increasingly considered to be one of the most important drivers of productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. Recognizing the great importance of human capital, companies undertake employee training and development in order to generate:

  • An accomplished, flexible and highly motivated workforce
  • An efficient and resilient workforce
  • A competent employee who can retain customers and thus increase business and market share

To develop professional employees, an organization must invest in training and education. Employees benefit from this tremendously.

For many employees, fear is a constant companion as stories of lay-offs and pink tickets do the rounds. To some, this might mean that employee motivation and retention is not a big deal. But, the opposite is true. If a company has been through tough times and there have been a couple of tough decisions, it is likely that workers who are still on the payroll are working harder than ever before.

Continuous stress of this sort could impact employee morale significantly. So, when the economy rebounds at whatever point of time, employees who helped the company when times were tough will be the first to quit. Thus, an organization could easily lose their most talented and dedicated workforce just when it needs to concentrate on rebuilding.

The opportunity to grow and develop career enhancing skills through training and development is an important element in employee retention and motivation. Employees have a great desire to retain their competitiveness in the job market at all times.

Training is a process in which employees get a chance to develop their knowledge, abilities, skills and personality. Training in an organization may be of two types – internal and external.

Internal training sessions are typically organized by the Human Resources Department and are held in-house. Training is generally held by a talented senior staff in a particular department. External training is arranged from an external agency and is handled mostly by consultants and training institutes. According to research, organizations must invest in both internal as well as external training sessions to give their employees the right mix of skills and knowledge. While internal training improves knowledge and allows employees to mix with each other, external training provides participants an opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people in a similar field of work and network with them. It also allows them to engage in activities that are not routine.

It is important that organizations allow employees to pursue training in directions that most interest them. If training focuses only along company assigned directions, it becomes tedious. Organizations need to help enhance knowledge and skills in a broad sense not just enhance knowledge that is needed to help employees meet organizational goals. The vital element while deciding training materials and topics is that it must keep the employee engaged, involved and interested.

Employee benefits of training and development Some of the benefits of training and development include:

  • Increased morale
  • Better interpersonal relationships
  • Improved customer relationship
  • Capability to adapt to changes
  • Greater innovation
  • Improved employee image and company image
  • Improved productivity and efficiency

Training and development session topics

  • Improving communication skills, both in the written and verbal areas
  • Improving computer knowledge which is essential in a predominantly technological era
  • Improving customer service so that the firm is highly successful in client retention
  • Improving human relationships by encouraging interpersonal relationship to bring down possibility of internal conflict
  • Improve skills in selling, quality management, standards of quality, benchmarks and so on.

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