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If you plan to start and run your own small business, novice entrepreneurs are often required to be creative and innovative. Yes, because business is more complex than it looks and without this ability, either acquired or innate, it may be impossible or quite difficult to succeed, let alone stabilize it. These strategies are often, if not most of the time, taught in small business coaching by successful entrepreneurs. This is most especially important to business owner because they do not start with big capital and budgets like other big corporations have that they can spend on. Small business owners are required to always be updated in creating new approaches and innovative methods just to get the most of their budgets, from refurbishing what can still be done on old successful schemes into successful ones, cost cutting without compromising too much and still make it work just the same, and most especially thinking of new tactics of marketing products to boost your sales.

Most of the successful small business owners I know possess this spirit. Some of them are successful through, spreading that innovative spirit to their down to their employees, while some of which I know fail to foster this spirit within their company. For a company to run systematically, small business coaching is also incorporated in a form of a seminar or workshop to enhance business and marketing skills and make your employees as efficient and productive as possible. All of the people who are part of the company should be on the same creative and innovative page.

One author that talks about in small business coaching including creativity and innovation is Adrian Brown. In his book "Creativity and Innovation" he emphasizes significant characteristics that he was able to observe in successful organizations that live by these principles. All of these companies are not just your typical small time businesses but they are successful and efficient small businesses, through small business coaching, that have managed to bloom through its excellent system based on creativity and innovativeness.

One characteristic is that information flows freely within systems and subsystems. Communication is outstanding. And with this, creativity allows formation of new connections. Another is that new ideas are not thrown away they are always welcome. It is easy for individuals to develop habitual behaviors and adherence to proven best practices but this should never be a barrier in entertaining new ideas. And new ideas that are known to be effective are nurtured. Sometimes in the advent of such habitual behaviors, it can be easily forgotten or taken advantage of so it is necessary to acknowledge the condition of the system once in a while. New ideas are accepted and nurtured but it's not as simple as that. With this strategy comes with risks and its experimentation may resolve some leaks or mistakes but this may not always be the case because it may cause catastrophic events but careful evaluation including its consequences are always considered before applying them in the company. Understanding and weighing the risks from its benefits is a good determinant for accepting new ideas. And lastly, innovators are always rewarded and acknowledged. Small business coaching can help you be creative and being creative is hard to quantify, and for some it can often be taken for granted by compensations or rewards. However, recognizing one efforts with a tap on the back for a job well done and a simple gratitude is more fulfilling and it sends a more powerful message to the person to continue performing well.

Handling a small business is tough but just like any successful big businesses it flourishes because of teamwork and hard work. Small business coaching offers individuals a chance to learn the creative side in them and it may surprise you with the ideas that may help boost your business.

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