Six Innovative Ideas for Human Resource Management


Whether you work in the human resources department of a large company or you're the owner of a small business, chances are you've brainstormed with the home of developing ideas of how to get the best work possible out of your employees. While there's many tried and true methods in human resource management, the discipline, like human capitol, is ever-changing and evolving and the perfect place to put innovative ideas into practice. Here's a few to get you started:

1. Foster a collaborative environment. By creating an environment where employees are encouraged to work in groups, they feel like part of a team rather than wage-slaves. As part of a team, they feel a sense of ownership over their jobs and the work they do, and encourage each other to be innovative and creative. It's a "hands-off" management style that allows some employees to do their best work.

2. Hold educational classes and seminars. While training and seminars are not exactly new concept in human resource management, some of the most innovative companies today are providing educational workshops for employees on topics that have little or nothing to do with their jobs. In foster a creative environment in your workplace, you will encourage employees to start thinking beyond the conventional wisdom and outside the box.

3. Encourage clear communication . In an ideal work environment, communication channels are open and people are able to clearly convey their ideas and messages to each other. We all know that, in practice, this is not always the case. By establishing protocols for people to communicate with each other and establishing communication best practices, your business can become more streamlined and productive.

4. Reward success and positive outcomes . Psychology has proven that people respond better to motivation than to threats, so human resource managers should think of ways to encourage productivity and innovative thinking rather than ways to trim the fat. Your company should encourage hard work rather than punishing slacking.

5. Encourage management to lead by example . It's been said that "when the cat's away the mice will play," and this is also true in the workplace. It's hard for employees to justify working hard when their boss ducks out after lunch to play a quick nine every day. There's no greater motivator than a supervisor who arrives before his first employee and leaves after the last. He becomes their fearless leader, and will develop the steadfast loyalty of those under his employ.

6. Build a diverse team . While every business has a certain culture or program that they want employees to describe to, sometimes the most innovative ideas come from the black sheep. By looking beyond the typical mold of your company's employees and hiring someone radically different, a human resources manager can stir up a whole host of creativity that was previously untapped. Complacency is the enemy of innovation, and sometimes rocking the boat a little bit can shake new ideas loose.

Those were just a few general ideas to help you get the best work possible out of the employees at your company. If you've leaned one thing from the six ideas above, hopefully it's be creative and think outside the box. No idea is too crazy so long as it works!

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