Selling Techniques – 4 Creative Selling Procedures


Here are some selling techniques that can surely bring huge difference to your sales processes:

1. Understand the problem. Before you pitch your products and services, I recommend that you strive to understand the problems that your clients are currently facing. Use open-ended questions to gather as much information as possible and avoid jumping to conclusions too quickly. Listen actively and clarify anything that is not really clear to you. Encourage them to elaborate by using prompts such as “uh-huh” and “what else?”

2. When giving options; Avoid giving your potential buyers with too many options so they will not feel overwhelmed. It would be best if you can present them with two possible solutions to their problems. Explain the pros and cons of both solutions. Be prepared to tell your potential buyers the option that will best suit their needs and demands. By doing this, you can avoid sounding like you are too desperate to make a sale instead, you will sound a concern individual who’s out there to help your prospects find the best solutions to their problems.

3. Keep it simple. Speak using terms that your prospects can easily understand. Avoid using terminologies that they may not be able to recognize. You would want to focus on talking about your products and not on clarifying things that may not be clear to your audience.

4. Know how to handle objections. Keep in mind that objections are considered natural components of the sales process. It’s not unusual that your prospects would express their concerns before they make a sale. As a seller, you need to know how to handle these types of objections as this is the key to convert your prospects to buying customers.

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