Sample Business Plan – How to Write a Professional Business Plan


1. Executive Summary

  • Business Overview
  • Turnover & Profitability
  • Where we want to be – our vision
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Profit Forecast

2. Business Analysis

  • Overview
  • Product Overview
  • New Product

3. Market Analysis

  • Market trends and environmental factors
  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Segmentation Analysis

4. SWOT Analysis

5. Vision Statement

6. Objectives

  • Financial Objectives
  • Customers Objectives
  • Internal Organisational & efficiency objectives
  • Innovation & Learning Objectives
  • KEY performance areas – Financial
  • KEY performance areas – Customers
  • KEY performance areas – Organisational & Efficiency
  • KEY performance areas – Innovation & Learning

7. Profit and Loss Statement

The following is a detailed example of a Sample Business Plan. Each section is clearly marked and with a written example.

1. Executive Summary

Business Overview

XYZ Company is one of the leading publishing, consulting and training firms that specialise in “step-by-step” profit improvement programs. The company has a range of self help software, videos and resources that are designed for businesses as well as a range that is targeted at the coaching and consulting community.

The Company was founded by John Founder. John is a successful entrepreneur that is a specialist in the area of Business planning. John built his last company from a one man business to a multi million dollar operation.

Quick facts about the business

  • Revenue is based on a recurring revenue model
  • The company has acquired over 13,000 customers and a 50,000 mailing list

  • No debt, profitable business. Technology funded through organic growth
  • One of the most knowledgeable companies in this field of expertise
  • Receive hundreds of enquires per annum
  • Operate in a booming billion dollar market with a compelling cost advantage technology that would enable the launch of a service based division.

Turnover & Profitability

For the previous 2004/2005 financial year XYZ Company earned $1,800,000 in booked revenue, a growth of 0% over the immediate preceding year. The profit margin for this period was 20%, resulting in a final net profit position of $360,000.

Where we want to be – our vision!

We intend to be recognised as the most innovative manufacturer of widgets, moppets and stompers to the SME business market in Australia. We intend to achieve 1000 customers in the first two years of operation.

Revenue forecast

The company believes that this forecast is achievable for the following reasons

  • The market is booming
  • We are going to tap into it with great technology
  • We have the technical expertise internally
  • We have access to a distribution channel
  • We have a proven track record and growth path
  • Our product is better than our competitors

Profit Forecast

Profit is looking strong for the coming periods. Profit for the previous (2004/2005) year was $360,000 which represents a 20% net profit margin on our revenue base of $1,800,000. Over the next 5 years XYZ Company is expected to generate $2,186,168 in net profit contributions. The average net profit ratio over this period is forecast to be 16%. The expected net profit forecast over the next three years is forecast to be $369,000, $415,575 and $477,761 respectively

2. Business Analysis


Over the next year the company will capitalise on its strengths and tap into the market opportunities. Our SWOT analysis will review in detail our strengths and weaknesses and the market opportunities and threats. Our top 3 strengths which will serve as the key building blocks for the company.

The key strengths of the company are as follows

  • Market leader – We have strong position in the market to leverage our business
  • Small & innovative company – Can quickly adapt to market conditions
  • Our products are receiving excellent reviews – From doing extensive R&D into product design
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