Re-Think – A Business Manifesto For Cutting Costs and Boosting Innovation by Ric Merrifield


“Re-Think: A Business Manifesto For Cutting Costs and Boosting Innovation” by Ric Merrifield was a good quick read with some interesting examples of how different companies learned to cut costs, strengthen innovation, and profit from change. The author’s objective is for people to “Re-think” their business to improve efficiency and productivity, and I believe this book will get readers to “Re-think” the what and how of their respective businesses. While this book can’t give you all the answers, reading it should stimulate your thinking process to create ideas for your own business.

One of the main ideas in this book is to get businesses thinking about the bigger issue of “What” the business is doing and why, due to getting swamped down with the “How” to do the job. Merrifield calls for readers to get back to the big picture and exam what they are doing and why, and then worry about how to get it done.

Another important theme you will notice throughout the case studies is that of “Change.” Successful businesses must change with the times. Technology and other advances have made it a must for successful businesses to be innovative to not only keep up with the changing tides but to lead them. “Re-Think” is about leading the change.

A simple formula that can be interpreted from this book consists of identifying the “whats” or things that are valuable, determining what you are good at, making connections, predicting what you can, and then making your own rules.

I enjoyed reading the case studies and found them motivating and a spark to ignite thinking about what can be done with innovation and determination. Some of the companies used as examples include ING Direct, Eclipse, Cranium (I especially liked this chapter due to being a fan of this company’s games, but never having known the story behind them), Amazon, and Procter & Gamble.

At the end of the book there is a short chapter on key concepts accompanied by questions and maps to assist the reader in using the key concepts in their own rethinking endeavors. Over all I felt this was a good book to get people thinking about their businesses in a different way. It should help readers focus on what is important. The examples were fun to read. If you want a quick business read that will help you think of new ideas and innovations for your own business, “Re-Think” by Ric Merrifield is a book you will like.

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