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Fuzzy innovation is about getting stuff done. But getting stuff done that is worth getting done.

Fuzzy as we have to explore, be open to new ideas, and always strive to be doing things in new and better ways. Fuzzy is not straight, defined, or boxed in.

Innovation as we have to have purpose. Innovation is not just a word that when added to a mission statement automatically makes a cause, organisation or product better. Innovation is an emotion, its a verb, and it is a path that never reaches perfection.

Fuzzy innovation is about building things of real value that will benefit the lives of human beings.

It may be one human (you) or it could be six billion. Fuzzy innovation is a journry of anticipated discovery with some nice surprises along the way. Fuzzy Innovation is about understanding people and creating the things that will make them hapy. If it is done right, happy to part with cash in return for your creation.

Purple Sheep?

Purple sheep get noticed, where as white sheep just eat and poo.

To create a purple sheep requires a specific effort. Purple sheep don’t just happen by themselves you know.

But why create a purple sheep in the 1st place? Not because you can, but because it will enhance lives. Because a purple sheeps adds interest, humour and spreads joy.

purple sheep are leaders not sheep walkers.

So why do we need purple sheep?

Modern consumers now have almost everything they need.

The choice of products, services and brands is overwhelming so it has never been more difficult to make your product stand out.

Television advertising, billboard and other mass media is ineffective and fades into the background, It is just noise that people try to ignore.

To attract consumers now requires an extra push. But we are now in an era where consumers are flooded with choice and switched off to advertising.

The way to reach the post-consumption consumer is not to take an ordinary product and slap advertising on it.

Consumers now have to be reached by innovation.

People love to discuss new things and be the first. There is an element of pride in recommending the latest thing and being seen as a leader.

Consumers now switch off when they feel they are being marketed to. A celebrity in an advertisement says, ‘I’m trying to sell this product, and I’m using someone else’s fame as the product does not stand on its own merits.’

New marketing is about innovation

-Innovation in the product

-Innovation in the way we market the product

It’s about the stories we tell and how we tell them. It’s also about whom we tell them to. And who spreads the word on our behalf.

Know Your Audience.

Before you create just ask who?

It’s amazing how many products fail, and how much money is wasted in the product development and marketing of unintelligent objects. There is no excuse for products and / or services failing in the market place. All that is required is to ensure that before your journey begins you really think about what to create in the 1st place.

Successful products sometimes happen by accident, but they always happen by design!

What makes one product stand out from the rest is great innovative design. Design is an easy to follow process that begins and ends with people. If you really understand people, and always review your creation throughout the development journey, continuing to question, Who wants this? How will this enhance her lifestyle?

You are far more likely to win. Making winning products is guaranteed if you set out to make something that is going to make somebody happy.

Niche Ain’t Enough!

Even a purple sheep needs a purpose.

We are now going on a journey. Imagine you are in a South Pacific Paradise. The last country on earth to be discovered, the scenery is beautiful, the land is pure and green, the rivers and lakes are crystal clear, and the mountains snow-capped. Native bush, untouched by man, unique plants, delicious fruits, a land of strange and mythical creatures…and sheep…lots and lots of sheep.

At first the sheep seem beautiful, the white fluffy icon symbolising man and nature working in perfect harmony. Everywhere you look there are sheep.

After a while you stop noticing the sheep. All the sheep start to look alike. The novelty has worn off.

What if there was a purple sheep. A purple sheep would get noticed. A purple sheep would be worth talking about.

The marketing of the product, the story that gets told is right there built into the product, and it gets noticed, it’s worth talking about, as it is unique.

But that is not enough!

What is the market for purple wool?

There is no point making a unique product that people talk about if they are saying, don’t buy purple sheep, they have no purpose.

The story needs to be about the benefits of purple sheep. We need people talking about how by investing in purple sheep their lives have been enhanced.

As always it comes back to making things that people will love.

What Drives Modern Consumers?

We can’t pull the wool over their eyes.

The world is getting smaller

Consumers are now driven internationally by similar experiences

People are travelling more than ever before in human history

People are concerned about security.

The Credit Crunch is fairly difficult to ignore!

Environmental Concerns are growing

Ethical concerns. People want to know who made their products and that they were paid fairly.

We now live in a time that people are yearning for security, comfort. People are looking to reconnect with the past, with family and with nature.

The electronic age wired the world and information is now more accessible than ever before. Researching if not purchasing on-line is a normal part of the buying experience.

So the world is moving faster. Consumers are better informed; being Environmentally responsible is now just good business practice.

So consumers are now looking for…

Fair-trading, Sustainability, Quality, Comfort. Consumers are looking for carpets that deliver all the benefits of soft flooring, but also with no environmental impact.

We will see a growth in consumers looking for authentic and integrated stories. The demand for truly sustainable products will grow. Consumers are purchasing on values.

Green washing will not pull the Purple wool over their eyes

One blog entry today is now potentially as powerful as an entire advertising campaign.

Consumers will, and do, look for opinions about products and services before they commit their hard earned funds.

Negative comments on a blog site can be fatal to a products reputation.

So what makes people talk? We have to give them something to talk about.

This is where Purple Sheep come in and help your business become magnetic.

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