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Forcing innovation never seems to work but if a company does not have new products, prototypes and innovative concepts in the pipeline, they are in deep trouble for subsequent future quarters. Now, one must consider that if your pipeline is not full, then you risk a problem later, maybe not now, in 6-months or one-year but at sometime in the future.

The trick is to have so much in the pipeline that you are able to keep the innovation flow moving at all times. How can you tell when your company is innovating at the proper rates? Well, how about this mile marker.


If you are constantly choosing only 1 in 5 great innovations to bring to market each quarter, and you actually find yourself leap-frogging your own technology, as you realize the next thing is coming down the pipeline so fast you have to jump forward then this is a sign that you have things under control. So, for those in this realm, you can stop reading this article and search for another.


However, if you are not quite there yet, then you need to keep reading a keep thinking of ways to fill that pipeline. You see, each product brought to market has a life-cycle when you are starting to go hyperbolic on the bell curve you need to introduce one of your new innovations in the pipeline.


If you wait until you top out on the product curve it’s quite frankly too late. If a company can execute their new products to market along this line of thinking they can remain at optimum and maximize productivity and efficiency, please consider this.

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