Is Fear a Leadership Tool?


When you are commuting to your job what are your thoughts? I hate going to work today, excited, fearful or possibly I just want to quit.

The Leadership of an organization has the key for all of its employees in their tool kit; meaning how you decide to lead plays a major role in employee's buy in and performance. A person that leads using fear tactics has an allot of misleading people surrounding them. If one has to constantly worry about being written up, ridiculed or fired then their level of performance is not at optimum level. There is constant discussion among employees about how they hate working under these conditions and interferees with their daily job performance. I guarantee the attrition rate under this style of leadership is extremely high, why would anyone desire to work under these conditions. I am not saying there should not be fear if one is not doing their job or violating policies what I am saying is that employee's can not be productive under constant fear of their leadership.

I have observed leaders that brag that upon their arrival everyone is scurrying scared and the feeling of power it gives them, I would cherish the opportunity to compete against these type of people, I guarantee you from years of personal experience that positive leadership will surpass those that use fear tactics in all areas. You will see both of these styles, observe them and then decide for yourself if constant fear is the style of leadership you decide to emulate or not.

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