Innovation and Improvements in Six Sigma


Businesses want to be successful. One high profile program that is available to help lead to business success is Six Sigma. It is being discussed through concern what best – innovation or Lean Six Sigma improvements.

Both have been mentioned as being needed. Using both will help ensure productivity and success for a variety of businesses and companies. The book "Rules for Revolutionaries" by Guy Kawasaki supports this thought. He is a MacIntosh development team member and believes using both methods together is a positive approach. This provides a variety of rules or evidence explaining this position.

Kawasaki indicates getting customer feedback. This will help find out what customers want and what they do not like. Businesses want to help improve things so customers buy their product or service. It is suggested to have a prototype or sample of what is being offered and provide it to customers. Being willing to test a product before mass production starts will help make the best product possible for the company and the customer. If the customers want the product and like the product then word of mouth with allow more to be purchased. Then this will increase profit.

Remember once a business gets feedback it is important to follow through and find ways to create improvements. Just because a process, service or product is created it does not mean it is ready. Businesses need to be willing to make improvement to appeal more to the public – the customers. Often inventors and workers spend time and effort in making something only to feel they are finally done at some point. When something needs improved they are no longer interested in the project or have done all they feel they can.

It is also stated that innovation when it comes to producing a service or product for feedback. It is important for inventors or innovators to be unique and willing to try different things. They also need to be willing to see how others feel about the product and listen to the customer. The customer will be the one purchasing it and if they do not like it then they will not purchase! It is simple to understand yet forms the basic of sales management techniques. From marketing and advertising to better quality products manufacture, appeal is the largest factor for purchasing customer. Asking the customer for product or services feedback can help the company improve the product. Additionally, businesses need to address the issue of over buying resources and wealth reduction which in turn helps to conserve core resources.

Businesses need to keep making new things to appeal to the public. They also need to keep improving items as well to keep things fresh and interesting. New and improved products and services will help keep the public interested and have access to what they need or want. It might even need improved to fix a product. Having a price that suits the average Joe is equally important as it leads to better sales than selling at top dollar to a select few.

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