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Human resources, shortly called HR, are the people that altogether build up a business industry or economy. These people that are the poles of some organization or industry are the main assets of the relevant organization or industry. Without them, the organization would not survive. They are like the sustainers and the life force of the economy, exactly in the way soil is the sustaining source for a plant. And exactly how a plant needs to be watered and looked after, the human resources of the company and economy need to be looked after and managed well, so that they can prove to be the best type of assets.

To manage the HR, which are the work-staff, they should be properly managed, in an appropriate manner. The managers of human resources are called the Human Resource Management (HMR). A lot of evidence provides that humans work best if they are encouraged, not ordered. So generating innovation in HR can mean the motivation amongst employees so that they can work better, in a more innovative manner for the business industry or economy.

The term "generating innovation in HR" can be explained by the name of "Human Resource" itself. 'Resource' is the thing we use to manufacture or make other things out of. So if the resource is in terms of employees, who are the humans, then managing that resource would be called Management of HR. If the management is done via motivation, then it will directly lead to innovation. The generation of innovation in HR will lead to a better economy or business sector.

If the human resources are managed well and proper, then they will work with more innovation. HR supporting innovation reiterates the idea of ​​human resources (employees, work-staff) being motivated enough to get more creative and more original and work for the betterment of the economy. The innovation is supported by the human resources. It is taken and used in the best possible way.

The HR of a business is the only type of assets that can be linked with innovation; no other assets can innovate more than the human mind can. Together, the HR of a company support innovation is the healthiest way. Only the human resources of a company can have an impact on the company's innovation. This automatically proves that the employees of the company are the most important and vital assets, which tells us that a company, business industry, or economy can not survive without HR.

HR supporting innovation is always positive, because innovation never hurts. A company or a business always needs new ideas and originalities to be the best among the others. Individuality and distinction is necessary for a company's growth. And what better way to get individual and unique other than by using the individuality and creativity of all the employees (HR) altogether? One employee's mind can work for a company's development, many great mind can together work for a company's development as well as its success.

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