Entrepreneurs are the Key to Bringing Innovation to Markets


So often entrepreneurs are condemned as scoundrels in the middle of society and human civilization. As an Online Think Tank operator and a retired entrepreneur I find it fascinating how scientists, thinkers and innovators lambaste entrepreneurship. Almost they have no concept that it is the entrepreneur who indeed brings things to life.

Not long ago I read through one innovators works and saw how he crucified entrepreneurs. Then later asked my advice on how to bring a great idea to market and what the potential target markets might be. I thought well then how ironic indeed.

Another reason to be nice to entrepreneurs instead of calling us crooks, conartists and criminals, I guess. Who do you think makes dreams come true anyway? Everything you see, everywhere you go, was built, bought or produced by an entrepreneur. The same group of folks you condemn. Interesting really. Maybe these innovators need to us the Human Knowledge MindMap in order to consider who the real non-linear world works;


The moral of this story is rather simple; do not cut off the hand that feeds you. Dump your anger for capitalistic societies and work within the system to see your projects through. Stop beating your head against the wall in linear thought. Without the entrepreneurs we would have nothing and our civilization would not amount to a hill of beans you see?

Well, I am not here to preach to you something that should be so blatantly obvious that it needs no further ado. Neverheless, I sincerely hope I have propelled thought in 2007 and you as an innovator might embrace some of this insight to propel your concepts into reality. Thanks for listening.

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