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Today, in the modern times, computer technology has made it possible for us to handle official workings while being in the limits of an office premises. Due to this fact office jobs have immensely increased and an office is required for almost every work.

With this increase of offices, comes problems related to the scenario and to resolve these problems one should enhance his workplace with innovative office ideas. Initially these problems are very minor but as we ignore them they increase without showing noticeable symptoms and finally our intolerance results into major health problems. The minor health issues include problems related to muscles, joints, eye sight, mental stress etc. but in an "office of innovation" things just can not get wrong.

First of all it is important to reconsider a few things, those things that make a difference such as the table chair, computer's monitor, office lights etc. A table chair is what we use the most in an office, we sit in it for long hours before it is vital to adjust its settings according to our convenience. The two vital points of 'sitting correctly' in a table chair are that your feet should almost touch the floor while your arms have to construct an angle of ninety degrees while using the computer. Stretching to the ground or to a PC causes body stress and may also set off muscular strains.

Replace the chair if it is not adjustable and bring in the type that keeps your posture straight and keeps you "in" it not "on" it.

A monitor may not be the major concern for many of us but it is the key reason of nervous tensions that occur in our neck and concerns related to the eye sight. One of the best innovative office ideas is to use a screen is to place it exactly in front of eyes, so that the user does not have to look up or down for lengthy intervals. Whereas for eyes' health it is sensible to use an LCD screen, if an office can not afford one then it is advisable for the users to mask it with an eyesight protector. Another useful tip is to keep a distance of 16 – 30 inches between the screen and your eyes.

It is true that our stress hormones are actually affected by glare. An "office of innovation" sounds like a workplace that should use modern things but in fact it is more innovative and sane to use what is cheap yet produces better results. It is scientifically proved that natural sunlight actually reduces stress as it offers full scale lighting, not only stress but it also decrees fatigue and glare while divulging good mood in the space. Therefore it is wise to use these innovative office ideas and stick with the cheap lights which will be used very rarely so the curtains for a better change!

Sadly not all of us give utter importance to the health perspective and majority chooses to enhance the looks of their offices. If circumstances keep keep evolving to this mentality, one day all we will be left with will be decorations keeping the health factor disregarded. Here is not just a good idea but also an important duty to utilize these innovative office ideas.

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