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Encouraging creativity and innovation in the workplace is easier said than done. While most companies would agree that it is an integral part of growing a business, actually getting employees to buy into this mindset can be quite difficult at times. Market leaders in any industry will always rely on internal staff that combines an encouraging company culture as well as systems for developing intellectual property.

In a perfect world, all a company would have to do is say that they would want their executive staff and employees to work together to develop innovation to grow their business. Imagine hanging up a poster in a lunchroom that highlights innovation. By osmosis, employees and other staff can walk by the poster and touch it and become instantly become rejuvenated as it relates to innovation. If it were only that easy then companies would not have difficulty with creativity and innovation in the workplace in the first place.

One strategy to boost morale and encourage innovation within a company is to hire an expert to come and speak with the firm. There are many experts in the field that speak with small companies as well as Fortune 500 companies that will get employees charged. This is usually done at the beginning of the calendar year when everyone has specific goals in projections that they have to meet.

Innovation speakers that are highly thought out for route the year as well as the world are Carlos Dominguez and Adam Hartung. Carlos has worked as an executive at Cisco and this company is highly regarded as being a leader in the technology field. Technology continues to evolve at an ever increasing rate and folks like Carlos are in charge of keeping up with the trends as well as developing trends of their own. He highlights how we adapt to changes in technology so that we can improve collaboration and communication within a company. Adam is another innovation speaker that gets top billing as he works with companies in developing opportunities in the business world for over 20 years. Top companies like Pizza Hut that deal with consumers as well as large accounting firms that work with business-to-business transactions tribute part of their success due to dealing with experts like Adam.

Once experts have gotten the staff energized, it is now time to put those inspirational words into action. Companies are sure to thrive if employees feel that they are empowered to take action as well as find solutions to existing problems. If an employee feet stifled where empowerment is preached, but reality is a separate matter, no amount of encouragement will lead to lower output of long lasting creativity.

In an increasing competitive global marketplace, there must be a desire to not only fix problems, but also to identify what may potentially become problems down the road. Blackberry is a company that has been highlighted in recent years as they are bringing up the rear with regard to innovative technology in the smart phone market place. Once an industry leader, they were unable to keep up with the ever-growing demands of the consumer to enhance the smart phone experience. If the company was better positioned to identify those problems before they were exposed in the market, they could potentially still be an industry leader instead of lagging behind Android and Apple.

Encouraging innovation and creativity in the workplace will always be a work in progress. What used to work in the past may not fulfill the same needs as a company expands. In order to be successful, it is important to reach out to industry leaders to see what is happening in the marketplace as well as provide an environment so that employees are encouraged to implement what has been learned.

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