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If you do not like working indoors all the time, what are some easy to do outdoor business ideas? Most outdoor businesses seem to end at roofers, fencers, gardeners, car cleaners or pool scrubbers, which is very boring if you are not masculine! So what other outdoor business ideas can bring in extra income for you and your family? Join me for a little journey into the unknown ….

For some reason, outdoor business ideas seem to suffer from a lack of original ideas. Although weather is notoriously fickle and plans can get hijacked by unfavourable conditions, you should not let that put you off – just work around it.

So, thinking cap in hand, here are a few of my 'easy to do' outdoor business ideas:

1) Outdoor 'celebration' planner. If you love to organize food and folk, start your own outdoor celebrity business. People these days are so busy, they are often in need of shortcuts and help to get things organized. Utilize your skills for outdoor birthday parties, Teddy Bear Picnics, retirement parties, Tea parties, evening wedding receptions, community events, pool parties, barbeques – you name it, get stuck into it! The possibilities are endless and do not have to be on a grand scale.

For example, start out small and turn up at local school fund-raiser days with a small tent kitted out with a "tea for two" theme, or set ready for a teddy bears birthday picnic. Ramp it up with suitable music. Have a display folder full of other "themes" and yummy food ready for people to sample.

Do not forget to utilize your own or your customer's outdoor area. I attended a 50th Birthday celebration set in a decorated tree house complete with branch growing through the middle! We had one and a half hours for a buffet lunch and cake before caterers trooped in to clear up and get ready for the next 'celebration'. In winter, the tree house was decorated with snow themes and had gas fires to warm it up.

2) Bicycle courier / small package delivery business . With the cost of fuel these days, lean and green ideas are in great demand, especially if you live in built up areas. Often people want a speedy delivery service and if it can not be delivered because of clogged up roads, the next best thing is pedal power. Some cities very helpfully provide "traffic free" zones and cycle paths and getting around by bike is ideal. Basket, panniers and backpack essential!

3) Unique outdoor gift planters . OK – this one is a bit gardeny – but with a twist. Scour local charity / junk shops for unusual objects to use as plant holders. I have seen attractive chunks of wood hollowed out and a small 'garden' planted and they look wonderful. Hold that thought and transfer it to unusual object d'art! Basically you can turn just about anything into an attractive 'garden', so get creative!

Trundle round the shops looking for ideas. Make sure you take plenty of photos of your creations to display as examples of your work and set up a weekend or midweek stall at your local market. Offer to take unique responsibilities and let your imagination loose!

Thankfully, easy to do outdoor business ideas do not have to cost the earth and can be easy to start up. The tricky part is the marketing of your business to grow it. With that thought in mind, you might like to consider learning some effective methods for building multiple streams of income . That way if some storms happen along (financially or in reality), you will have other means of homebased income to keep your finances in order. I hope you have enjoyed 'easy to do outdoor business ideas'!

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