Customer Service Coaching Tip – Spark the Emotions and Ignite Customer Loyalty


Customer loyalty is very emotional. How is your business sparking the emotions? Read this customer service coaching tip that highlights how one company continues to create loyalty among its clients.

In marketing, everyone knows that lumpy mail gets open first. Why? Because people have been conditioned to receiving gifts and such a gift for the most part creates positive emotions.

Think of Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries to special holidays such as Valentine's Day to Mother's Day to Father's Day. Why do you like those days? Is a gift possibly involved? Be honest, most individuals like receiving gifts.

Imagine my surprise when I received some lumpy mail from EzineArticles. My curiosity was definitely peaked. So, I opened it first before anything else. Again, lumpy mail gets opened first.

Inside was a mouse pad along with a letter from the Editorial Team congratulating me on my writing success. Several accomplishments were highlighted. And beyond all of that they made me feel (emotion) pretty special when I read the following as a PS

The enclosed limited edition "EzineArticles Expert Author" mouse paid is only being sent to 500 members out of over 82,000! You are in rare company. 🙂

Now I submit articles to several directories. However, EzineArticles welcomes 100% of all my articles because they continue to spark the emotions that ignite my customer loyalty. The last emotional response was in 2007 when they added additional features allowing me to track the results from my writing efforts.

Every business has points of connection where their external customers see, hear, touch, smell, taste and feel. These interactions build emotions and emotions are the key predictor to maintaining loyal customers.

So many businesses are out beating the bushes, so to speak, to attract new buyers of their goods or services that they fail to maintain existing ones. Peter Drucker has stated that the purpose of business is to attract and maintain customers. These organizations certainly do not understand the purpose of business and are only measuring one of the two factors for business success – profits.

After speaking to over hundreds of small business owners, real estate agents, insurance agents, financial advisors, to C-Level executives on business building, I have yet to find one company that measures the other factor – relationships. And it is those very same relationships where new business comes from.

Every company can literally increase sales with a click of a mouse when they look to their existing client data base. The first question should be: What can be do to build customer loyalty? Then this should be followed by: How do we grow our business through these clients:

  • Who make the referrals?
  • Who increase our profitability?
  • Who willingly share their testimonials with others?
  • Who are more forgiving when we make mistakes?

The final question should be: After we answer and execute questions one and two, what other sales actions should we be taking?

Questions one and two work on the emotions of people who already have an emotional connection to you. Question three suggests that you have to build the emotional connection. So what is easier?

  • Working with something you have?
  • Or
  • Working with something you do not have?

Take this customer service coaching tip and begin to spark the emotions that ignite customer loyalty The results will be really reflect why you are in business.

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