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In today's business climate, managers and executives are becoming obsolescent and are being replaced by leaders. The new manager / executive must be an expeditor and leader rather than an order giver and manager of people.

In this article, I have documented what I have found to be the leadership skills and abilities that are valued in leaders today. If you are looking to build a high performance team or company, these are the leadership exercises that you and your managers should have focused on to improve personal and business performance.

1. Vision
Leaders have the ability to see things as they should become. Defining the organization's direction, the leader defines the organization's future.

2. Communication
Leaders are able to get others to share in their vision. They communicate in a clear and powerful way. Whether in large meetings or personal discussions, they never miss an opportunity to pass along their message.

3. Flexibility
Leaders are willing to learn. Leaders will be committed to furthering their own knowledge as well as making sure others keep up with the demand for a better educated workforce.

4. Action Oriented
Leaders know that it is not enough just to gather up the good ideas of others. When new ways of doing things can be implemented, putting them into action will fall on the shoulders of the entire team.

5. Bottom Line Thinker
Leaders know the financial conditions and limitations of the organization. Once they have the same information as senior executives, it is expected that they will reach the same decisions.

6. Builds Rapport
Leaders let the person or group know they understand their perspective, whether they agree or not.

7. Listening
Leaders have a mutual interest in the matter under discussion. Letting the other party speak first shows that they are thought of as equals.

8. Respect
Leaders do not talk at people, they communicate with them. They treat them with respect. Do not patronize them. Leaders help them remember that they have an equal stake in finding an acceptable solution.

9. Focus
Leaders focus on the emotional issues that connect them with their followers. Leaders always stress values ​​shared by their employees, enlisting their employees in a mission that gives their work purpose and direction.

10. Innovative
A leader can think on his or her feet. In critical situations, they have to come up with the answers, not look in textbooks.

11. High Expectations
Leaders have found, higher expectations from their workers, the better results achieved.

12. Passion
Leaders hate bureaucracy and all the nonsense that comes with it.

13. Change
Leaders stimulate and relish change. Do not become scared or paralyzed with fear. They see change as an opportunity, not a threat.

14. Energy
Leaders have an intense amount of energy and the ability to energize and invigorate others. They understand speed as a competitive advantage and see the total organizational benefits that can be derived from a focus on speed.

15. Support
Leaders surround themselves with competent, responsible, and supportive people.

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