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One of the underlining themes and subtopics at any think tank here in the United States is that of inventing and innovation. Americans are quite good at entrepreneurship and innovation, and they are quite resourceful when it comes to inventing, and coming up with new ideas and concepts. Not long ago, I was discussing this with an acquaintance, that is to say the subject of inventing and innovation and we both decided those who were in priority in our own lives, as well as they should be in any think tank.

So I started a conversation with a couple paragraphs, one paragraph on each; inventing, and innovation. Here is what I had to say that let off the conversation and dialogue on this topic;


Challenges with faulty patent registrations, costs to patent, regulations against garage inventors, regulations against what you can drive, fly, make. CC & Rs, home-business rules, Intellectual Property Theft, International IP abuses, information control of research papers. The good side we have lots of creative and innovative people in our country along with the entrepreneurial risk taking genes and a society which allows it – for the most part, and 300 million people here. We have a challenge with conspiracy theory that the government will find a way to shut down your invention – and to be honest with ourselves there have been some cases of bureaucratic purposeful stifling on behalf of competitors.


Risk / Reward issues challenge innovation in the US. Why put out the money if regulations will never allow you to capitalize on it? Why put out the money if you can not make a profit due to international IP theft. Funding to only university labs is not always a good use of funds for research, slow motion. Free enterprise works best, small business is brilliant at it. Costs are a consideration. Luckily we do have an innate need to innovate and improve in the US, which serves us well.

Now then, as you can see this launched a huge dialogue on the topic because if we really want to remain the innovators of the world – and if we really wish to use our resources of entrepreneurship then we need to make it easier for inventors to invent , and make it easier for innovators to make money with the concepts which they create. From there we can let the free market take it as far as it will and yes, there will be winners and losers.

However since we live in a society where we have risk takers, and reward seekers, that is to say Americans, we should not have anything to worry about if we would just get out of their way and let them do what they naturally would do by default. It's part of the psyche of America and we should let it flourish. Please consider all this.

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