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Pricing Strategies – The Top 10 Mistakes Most Companies Make


Price strategy is emerging as the most important resource for companies to increase their competitive advantage. The vast majority of companies have spent years achieving gains through cost cutting, outsourcing, process re-engineering and the adoption of innovative technologies. However, the incremental benefits from these important activities are diminishing, and companies need to look at other...

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Automation


To most people, Artificial Intelligence (AI) probably means sci-fi movies with robots and computers performing inconceivable human tasks. While this is partly true, what AI truly brings to the table is enabling machines to carry out intelligent tasks. As the challenges faced by global decision makers skyrocket, there is an urgent need to propel businesses and societies forward using the most...

Insurance Agency Webinars And Insurance Agency eMarketing


Much attention has recently been attributed to insurance agency SEO and social media marketing, and rightly so. Search engine marketing and social media marketing are increasingly more important components of an effective insurance agency marketing plan, and will continue to be important for many years to come. However, acceptance and adoption of these new insurance web marketing initiatives...

The Mentality of a Great Graphic Designer


1. ACKNOWLEDGE OTHER DESIGNERS THAT ARE BETTER What does this mean? Well, unless you are the design superman, who you are probably not, else you would not be reading this article, there is always going to be a graphic designer that is better, more original or simply a better business man than you are. You should acknowledge these people and learn from them. Analyze their work, their thought...

Impact of New Technologies by 2030


According to the 2012 report, Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds, published the US National Intelligence Council, four technology arenas will shape global economic, social and military developments by 2030. They are information technologies, automation and manufacturing technologies, resource technologies, and health technologies. Information technologies Three technological developments with...

Types of Scholarships in Canada


With the cost of post secondary education increasing, many students are looking for ways to reduce their own tuition costs.There are plenty of scholarships in Canada that are offered to reserving students. Scholars give students the ability to attend some of the best colleges and universities that Canada has to offer. Academic Scholarships Academic scholarships are awarded to students who have...

Social Bookmarking for Insurance Agency Web Marketing


Let’s begin with a simple definition of social bookmarking, then discuss how this can be used as a component of your insurance agency web marketing plans. Social bookmarking allows Internet users (and insurance agencies) to organize, store and manage online resources, akin to marking pages in a book for use at a later date. Unlike the bookmarks of old, and as with all things on the...

Joint Ventures Can Make Or Break a Business


Joint ventures can make or break a business The Intricacies of the joint venture. So powerful, yet so fragile. With the power to make your business immensely profitable, but at the same time, with the power to ruin future possibilities of expansion and increasing profits if done incorrectly. Getting it right first time around is something that we as online Marketers can not afford to sacrifice...

How Humor and 'Giving Back' Can Improve Workforce Productivity


Mark Twain suggested that 'work and play are words used to describe the same thing under different conditions.' Employees do not necessarily associate the workplace as a 'fun' environment however companies can consider ways of creating energy and interest into the business without compromising productivity. Stress in the workplace is becoming an increasingly challenging issue...

Insurance Marketing – Five Focus Areas For Effective B2B Email Marketing


In insurance, e-mail marketing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to market your business to other businesses and independent agents. That's why e-mail has become the marketing channel of choice for many B2B companies. When done well, insurance e-mail campaigns improve B2B communication, stimulate leads, increase sales and boost your company's bottom line. If you sell to...

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