The Necessary Business Skills Needed for MLM Success


The majority of people who join network marketing usually don’t come from a business background.

Generally, most people lack the skills and discipline that business owners have and need to become successful.

Most people who join network marketing fail because they lack the necessary skills needed to succeed.

Most people fail to understand that they can manufacture their success if they understood that skills and knowledge is what separates themselves from their vision of building a successful business. No longer do you need to rely on hype or emotional motivations but on a foundational structure that can propel you to success.

I’ll be sharing the four business skills that can make a big difference between a successful business and one that fails to ever create leverage.

1) Take the Emotions out of it

“Success came when the emotion left”- Mike Dillard

Since many people in this industry came in with no business background, a lot of their activities are EMOTIONALLY BASED. When it comes time to perform or getting out of your comfort zone, people will begin to have dozens of different emotions.

a) Fear, hesitancy, self-doubt, etc all which could hinder many people’s efforts

b) Many people quit because of the emotional involvement with the activities, not the actual business as a whole, that are necessary to succeed

No one says you can’t be passionate about your business. Passion is great to have, but the important thing to remember is to not be attached to outcomes and treat your business like “any other day at the office.”

If someone says no to your business presentation, it’s just another day at the office. If someone on your team leaves to join another company, it’s just another day at the office. Someone says they’re going to join your business or show up to your presentation but doesn’t, it’s just another day in business. Whatever the circumstances, it’s just another day at the office.

You are not fazed as you understand this is part of the process. This is having an abundant mindset.

An abundant mindset knows that learning comes from failing. It isn’t worried about where to find people or if someone leaves, it understands there is enough people for everyone. It knows people will join their business and knows that they need to treat their business like a business.

2) Implementation

If you read something, take a course, go to an event or training seminar, and you’re taught something and didn’t apply those teachings, you have literally wasted your time.

It is important to immediately implement what you’re taught. This is where most people drop the ball.

They enthusiastically go to events and get motivated by the training but fail to take action. Most people buy course after course, listen to them but fail to take action. The only thing people apply is Avoidance Behavior.

If you do this enough, it will actually feel like you’ve done a lot of hard work. Our mind can fool us sometimes. I can’t tell you how many times I heard things repeated from different trainings that I’ve bought and fell into the trap of thinking “I’ve heard this all before” but it never crossed my mind to actually do it.

The main reason for this has a lot to do with the fact that I was looking for some sort of quick fix or new information to help me succeed.

Eventually, only by banging my head a couple of times with some common sense did I finally realize I have to actually apply what I’m taught.

Many people fall into this trap. They are constantly looking for something outside of themselves for success. Stop looking for success outside of yourself and realize you do have it in you to succeed. Look internally to achieve your external rewards. Only through implementation can you receive success.

3) Productivity

Can you imagine a mall, a store, or a restaurant open for weeks, even months, and make no money?

They would be out of business FAST. Your network marketing business should be no different. I have seen, and I’ll admit to being a part of this group at one point, some network marketers who have gone weeks, months, even years without ever generating cash for their business.

Many people quit because of lack of profit. A serious business owner can not invest in a business and go weeks, months, and especially years without profit.

A lot of this comes from two issues:

a) Lack of sales training and marketing

b) Not treating the business like a business

Productivity means to be doing consistent incoming producing activities. Learning how to create cashflow to keep your business alive is necessary.

4) Cashier Mentality

Picture yourself as a retail employee for any company.

Having once worked in retail, I never felt scared to tell people the price they needed to pay of a certain product they wanted. You should have no problem receiving or asking for the sale or for the sign-up sheet.

Network Marketers often struggle with this. If you can take away anything from this post remember this, you are offering a solution to people with a specific need. You are providing a service so there should be no resistance in asking for the sale.

Visualize yourself behind your own personal counter and remind yourself that you have no problem presenting your business as a viable solution and there should be no resistance to a sale or sign-up.

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