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In today's world, the meaning of advertising has widened to a great extent. It has become very competitive in nature. Here, the overall marketing process has widened and the role of promotional items has become more prominent than ever. It is a favorite technique for many marketing and promotional managers as it enhances the brand awareness of a company and even creates a long-lasting impact in the minds of the customers. Because of this, the company, its brand and its products are visually clear to the public and remain in their memory for long which indirectly increases the sales of the company.

The promotional items are grouped into different categories including ones that are purely decorative in nature, which may work best for specific types of audiences. It's up to the business to determine the needs of its customers and public at large and then work out accordingly. By this, the customers can be provided with the best of the services as he will even come to know their choice which will enable him to have a variety and more alternatives covering a wide range of products.

The promotional products offer additional benefits apart from the normal ones. The business can use these promotional products as instant reward tools that can surprise the employees as well as increase their motivation and job satisfaction. It can be noticed that the role of promotional products as marketing tools has reached greater heights which can now serve other needs.

Along with the marketing and promotional activities, the corporate clothing of the employees is also equally important to create an impact on the customers. Corporate clothing does not refer only to employees but it can be even used for the potential customers by giving them football caps or jerseys or any other garment that has the company logo on it. There are certain reasons as to why corporate clothing is vital in the business. They can be listed as:

1. Because of the heightened competition all around, the employers should foresee that corporate wear can bring profit to the company in terms of quality, standards and reputation. Spending a little money can reward you much more in terms of a better reputation for your company.

2. A corporate outfit makes an employee look professional which will in turn motivate them. They will consider themselves as a part of the company which will help them to work in groups and also yield better profits to the company.

3. By selecting corporate clothing that is good in design, the customers can get attracted and impressed which increases their confidence towards the company.

4. The corporate clothing avoids the trouble about 'what to wear daily' for the employees.

Hereforth, proper corporate clothing along with various promotional items can lead a company to yield better profits.

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