How to Build an Advertising Agency


Advertising which specializes in helping small and home based businesses who are involved in MLM and Network Marketing to reach out to Opportunity Seekers are very much needed and in small supply. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Develop an outline of target achievements for each client based on their budget and goals. A typical outline is given in the example below:

1. Research opportunity being offered.

2. Design and print camera ready display ads, 2 ", 3" and 4 "X 1 column size.

3. Have client approve ads or make suggestions.

4. Analyze various publications for best placement.

5. Place ad in 3 consecutive issues of 3 different magazines.

6. Track results to identify lowest cost per action and cost per sale.

7. Report results to client with recommendations. Discuss all options.

8. Consider Direct Mail Campaign.

It is a job to always keep something in the hopper. Making new contacts, touching base with existing customers and writing to publishers.

In order to conduct these activities in a logical and consistent fashion, you will need to develop an innovative and intuitive filing system under the general heading of Daily Routine. Each file
follows the previous file in a logical step by step sequence. This allows a regular organizational method to be applied to each client's account every day.

Make it your first order of business to pursue account acquisitions each morning to start off the day. You really need to continuously reach out to prospective customers. Present the benefits of using your advertising services to those potential clients that most closely meet your Customer Profile. Use a variety of methods to accomplish this. The one most frequently used is the 5-part direct mail offer. You would then follow up depending upon type of response received or despite, lack of response received.

To target those who are currently active and therefore in need of services such as high converting, quality mailing lists, (see resource link at the end of this article) and engineered advertising write to those advertisers of money making opportunity type magazines as well as home based business type publications and requests additional information. They will place you on their mailing list. You can now send these advertisers your 5-part direct mail offer and usually you will need to do a follow up letter, flier or postcard in 45 to 60 days. At times an immediate phone call may be indicated.

Home based businesses and money making opportunities is an extremely large market and currently experiencing rapid growth in this down turned economy. New publications are appearing monthly and the old tried and true magazines are expanding, adding new products and new avenues for advertising.

Write to these publications and requests sample copies and media kits in order to begin private testing. Be sure you key each ad in each publication and set up its own tracking file.

Can you use the Internet? Yes, to promote your client's offline business. Supply a warm and fuzzy letter to use as a web page that can be promoted with no cost or low cost advertising to bring focused visitors to the customer's site which invites inquiries and provides contact information. Do not use Pay Per Click type advertising. Experience has shown that it only reaches a limited audience. Prospects must have a computer, Internet Service Provider, high speed connection and type in certain keywords.

The offline advertising market is actually much bigger and less costably to reach, however, without the speed of the Internet.

The advertising novice tries to rely on the Internet to close sales. Use the Internet to raise the awareness level of your clients offer and to invite inquiries. The Internet is best used as an information gathering tool. All the large multi-million dollar companies use direct mail to close sales.

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