Creativity and Innovation Management – Special People?


People often think that there is a creative type. This is a myth.

1. We can all solve problems.

2. We can all produce large sets of ideas, large numbers of novel ideas and large numbers of diverse ideas.

3. Idea generation is related to task competency.

4. Whilst there are assertions for creativity practices such as a tolerance for ambiguity and intolerance to conformity, such visits are hard to identify and are not stable or transferable across situations.

5. Motivation is more critical than hits – this is like possessing high intelligence – one must be motivated to improve and use it.

6. The exact number of ideas people come up with depends on a variety of factors such as i) the degree of frame breaking allowed, ii) the degree of experience with the problem, iii) motivation etc.

David Ogilvy, the renounced advertiser, said: "For sixty years I have been trying to find some common denominator which seems to apply to all creative people. There are not any. at hiring them. I could make a list of curiosity, vocabulary, good visual imagery etc and then I could interview hundreds of people and hire the best. But I do not know any common character. We've got fifty copywriters and I Suppose the good ones are judged at the end of the year, when we compare how many successful campaigns they have created. I do not know how I could be more specific than that. "

An experiment in the British Journal of Psychology, probably gives the best practical example. Businessmen who had shown up as very dull on work association tests were asked to imagine themselves as happy go lucky hippie types, in which persona they were re-tested, and showed up as being far more imaginative.

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Kal Bishop, MBA


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