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Economic Development After Initial Revitalization of Nairobi's Slum


As the local Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya's largest slum is re-vitalized as part of a herculean effort and creates its own wind and small business environment it will be time to push for strong economic development. Once economic plan is initiated it must be maintained. The goal is to have income and money coming into the area to remain in circulation in the slum. How will money come in...

Partnering to Increase Your Profit at the New International Reverse Auction Site Dubli


As of June two thousand ten, a paramount advancement in Internet history has been made. The North American Dubli reverse auction site was launched on April fourth, two thousand nine. As of June two thousand ten it has become a truly planet wide Internet networking service. This now enables business people all over the world to have the opportunity to bid on jobs worldwide creating the first...

How to Build an Advertising Agency


Advertising which specializes in helping small and home based businesses who are involved in MLM and Network Marketing to reach out to Opportunity Seekers are very much needed and in small supply. Here are a few tips to help you along the way. Develop an outline of target achievements for each client based on their budget and goals. A typical outline is given in the example below: 1. Research...

Virtual Schools – The Development and the Benefits It Brings


1. Introduction: Virtual Schools A virtual school or cyberschool describes an institution that provides courses taught entirely or partially through online methods. Although there are hundreds of thousands of commercial and non-accredited and which are available online, the term “virtual school” is used for accredited schools that offer full-time courses designed to lead to the...

Create an Economical Social Media Optimization Plan


Your Social Media Marketing campaign can be an economical component of your eMarketing strategy. As you develop and evaluate your social strategy, it’s worth noting that SEO remains a key component and including your targeted terms and phrases should be a big part of creating your content. Social Media Campaign The first step, should be to define your strategy by asking yourself...

Leadership Development Insight: Where Your Values Fit in the Decision-Making Process


Because values are so personal, they affect the way people think, act and behave. Hence, no two leaders arrive at the same decision in exactly the same way. So just how do values impact the decision-making process. That’s what we’ll be exploring here. Personal Values: An Important Piece of Decision-Making Data Managers usually ingest a fair amount of data before making decisions. I...

Insurance Agents Name Choices – Insurance Specialist, Financial Planner, or Life Advisor?


Are you one of the plain insurance agents? Agents often prefer to upgrade their title as an insurance specialist or financial advisor on their business card. Names like life advisor reflect positive experience and knowledge. Which of these different terms distinguishes you from being just one of the insurance agents? Here are 101 top choices to pick from. There is a lot more to a name then may...

Using the KPI Sample for the Balanced Scorecard


The key performance indicators or the KPIs are among the most important features of a good measurement system. The success of both the balanced scorecard and the strategy maps rely on the KPIs. If you have efficient indicators, there is no doubt that you will be able to keep track of the performance of your company without much effort. You need to choose the right KPIs so that the balanced...

DevOps Automation for Faster and Continuous Product Release


Success won’t come easily unless businesses lay groundwork for it. In the cut throat competition seizing market opportunities is a key challenge for companies. Businesses have diverse IT solutions for ensuring timely product delivery to markets and streamlining operations. But are they effective as they are supposed to be? This question is addressed to C level executives who are in the helm...

The Importance Of Cultural Difference Training And Performance Management In The Workplace


In today’s diverse workplace, cultural difference training and people management performance are essential skills that every manager should possess. Multicultural work environments can either contribute to miscommunications and misunderstandings, or when properly understood, can be a competitive advantage to an organization. Not only is it important to be knowledgeable of your...

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